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The Origins and Inspirations of the Universal Mythos.

Posted by Harbinger451 on December 6, 2011

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The Universal Mythos draws from many world traditions both ancient and modern. Chief among them is the ever evolving mystical Kabalah/Cabalah/Qabalah of Judaism/Christianity/Hermetic-Occultism.

A recently updated version of the Kabalistic glyph the Tree of Life is key to understanding what the Mythos is designed to express, as is the universal pagan glyph the Wheel of Time.

Buddhist, Taoist, Humanist and even Jungian principles can be harmonized with the mythologies of both East and West allowing direct comparisons and an amalgam into a universal whole that represents a unified mysticism accessible to all… even agnostics and atheists!

The numerous correspondences that become evident with the Universal Mythos allows the unification of monotheism, pantheism, polytheism and yes… atheism – in fact any kind of theism… all can be considered correct and yet none can be considered correct –

all are one and one is all!

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Introducing the Universal Mythos

Posted by Harbinger451 on June 22, 2010

Universal Mythos CategoryThe Universal Mythos explores the universality of myth & religion.

The Mythos is an abstract system of occult symbolism that has been formulated to help compare & contrast the various & disparate religious, magical & mythological traditions formulated by humanity during it’s expansion around this island Earth. It aims to shed light on the perceived esoteric nature of our race’s significance & role within the immediate environment & the wider natural universe.

The Mythos is also an attempt to formulate a coherent moral & spiritual framework where divinity is only relevant as representing aspects or archetypes of humanity & the human psyche; and where religion is only relevant as a mythologized & ritualized construct of human ingenuity applied to the abstracts of good and evil.

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