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Make Judge Judy the Ruler of the World!

Posted by Harbinger451 on October 18, 2011

Babble CategoryShe’s the only person I would Trust to Rule the World and to Rule over Humanity with absolute Fairness and Justice.  Frankly I think we should take the risk and ask Her. I feel so strongly about this that I’ve started a “Cause” over at Facebook to see if anyone agrees with me. Click HERE to join.

Make Judge Judy Ruler of the World and/or Universe!

If we were to make Judge Judy Sheindlin the ultimate Authority in the World Today I’m sure that the world would be a better place for it! You see – the older you get the more you realize that the best form of Government would have to take the form of a benevolent dictatorship… of course that assumes that Absolute Power would not corrupt the anointed one absolutely.


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The Harbinger451 Splash Page.

Posted by Harbinger451 on October 15, 2011

Harbinger451 Updates CategoryI’ve just completed a Splash Page for Harbinger451.co.uk to promote on Traffic Exchanges.  What is a Splash Page?  Once upon a time a Splash Page (or Splash Screen) was little more than a basic welcome/start page for a website, these days a Splash Page is more likely to be a promotional capture page designed specifically for use on Traffic Exchanges & as an Ad or Banner landing page. – Click Here to find out more!  What are Traffic Exchanges? – Click Here to find out!


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