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an Alternative Blog ...

“A progressive culture explores all possibilities”… Discover those possibilities with this blog that brings together the latest updates and babble from Harbinger451. Posts are ordered into various categories named after their umbrella project.

Harbinger451 provides an alternative view of life, living & earning in an increasingly technological & online world.

Harbinger451 bestows informative, funny, sad, exciting & insightful commentaries on culture & society, fact & folklore, literature & movies, games & the internet, and a myriad other aspects to the modern human condition.

Harbinger451.co.uk acts as a hub from which to access various web pages and projects designed & maintained by Harbinger451… among many other cool and alternative corners of the Internet.


Who, or what, IS Harbinger451?

Harbinger451 is a Web Development Company.

Peter Guy Blacklock is the face (and mouth piece) of Harbinger451.

You can stay up to date with all Harbinger451 online projects by subscribing to the Blog, following us on Twitter, becoming a Fan and ‘Like’ Harbinger451’s Facebook Page or network and ‘Friend’ Peter Guy Blacklock’s Facebook Profile… or use one of these Social Networking Links.

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The 451 ePublishing House!

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