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Harbinger451’s New Patreon Subscription Page Needs You!

Posted by Harbinger451 on January 19, 2017

Harbinger451 Updates CategoryHarbinger451’s New Patreon Subscription Page Needs You!

I’ve just launched a page on the Patreon website. This page gives you the chance to assist me in producing some amazing online content, ebooks and (eventually) print books too. Throughout history many great (and not so great) “starving artists” of all types have been given the opportunity to produce their creative works due to the support and financial backing of enlightened patrons and champions of the arts. For a small subscription each month you too can do the same for me – and get some very cool rewards in return, at four levels of subscription.

Harbinger451's Patreon Page

Harbinger451’s Patreon Page


Level 1 Subscription – For only $1 a month Neophyte patrons gain access to patron-only posts, including:

  • advance views of upcoming book and web content.
  • sneak peeks at draft versions of text and images.
  • some very select and exclusive content only available on the Patreon page.

Plus, they gain access to the community page where they can post:

  • comments.
  • suggestions.
  • questions.
  • anything else they feel compelled to tell me.

Level 2 Subscription – For only $3 a month Acolyte patrons gain access to:

  • a free copy of the Dollar Dreadful Vol 1 ebook.
  • free advance copies of all ebooks published by the 451 ePublishing Haus while they are an Acolyte patron.

Plus – all of the above rewards.

Level 3 Subscription – For only $9 a month Initiate patrons gain access to:

  • having their name mentioned as a special patron on my website and in all ebooks published by the 451 ePublishing Haus while they are an Initiate patron.

Plus – all of the above rewards.

Level 4 Subscription – For only $27 a month Ipsissimus patrons gain access to:

  • free copies of all Peter Guy Blacklock print books published while they are an Ipsissimus patron.

Plus – all of the above rewards.

become-a-patron-buttonMy first goal is just $30 a month, it will keep my website online, paying for my domain name, hosting and server fees, so I can continue giving the world 24/7 access to loads of great content with no unavoidable breaks due to insufficient funds.

My Second goal is just $90 a month, it will keep me online, paying for my wi-fi broadband service, so I can continue adding great content to my website (and this blog) with no unavoidable breaks in my connectivity due to insufficient funds.

My third goal is just $270 a month, this will allow me to pay for some proper advertising and marketing, freeing up more of my time to write, design and publish some fantastic content and books.

More goals will be added as more patrons subscribe and warrant it.



Copyright © 2017 Harbinger451 – All Rights Reserved




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Introducing Gaea Parallaxis

Posted by Harbinger451 on June 25, 2010

Gaea Parallaxis Category“Ever wondered what it would be like to wake up and find that you have lost your memory? All you are left with are some cultural references but no memory of your name, life, family, job or friends. And then, on top of all that, you realize that you have somehow been transported to an alternative or parallel world! What would you do – how would you cope? I’d start by writing a journal about my experiences… and in fact – that’s exactly what I did do.” Citizen No Name Kane.

Gaea Parallaxis: the chronicles & testament of Citizen No Name Kane.

… is a serialized & illustrated journal. A techno-gothic sci-fi fantasy comedy horror set in the Anti-Verse that is Gaea Parallaxis. It is not another universe, it is simply the flip side of ours, equal and opposite. A shift in perspective, or perception reveals a wholly other world, a wholly other continuum.

Enter the anti-verse that is Gaea Parallaxis


Copyright © 2010 Harbinger451 – All Rights Reserved

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