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First 2 Club Rooms at the Zeitgeist Coffee House now online: so take a break and have a chat!

Posted by Harbinger451 on December 8, 2012

Zeitgeist Coffee House CategoryThe first two Club Rooms are now open for online visitors to the Zeitgeist Coffee House wanting to take a quick coffee break from work by reading the latest news and gossip from the World Wide Web and then chat about them with the other patrons shirking-off (I mean taking a short but very hard-earned break) from their otherwise busy work-a-day lives. Every one needs a bit of down time now and then so why not be entertained at your desktop (or laptop) while getting your morning (or afternoon) caffeine dose.

ShutterStock Stock Image

Her boss wouldn’t know she was having a sly chat at the Zeitgeist Coffee House… and neither would yours!

First there’s the Trending & Popular Club Room where you can find out and chat about what’s currently Hip and Happening online and then there’s the Celebrity & Gossip Club Room where you can find and chat about the latest Celebrity related news and Gossip – both great places to idle away a few spare minutes while you take your hard-earned coffee break…. arrange to meet friends online at a certain time and Chat Anonymously (just temporary nicknames) or as Registered Members (Permanent Username) in the Forum.

Other themed Club Rooms coming soon to the Zeitgeist Coffee House include Arts & Entertainment, Science & Nature, Sport & Endeavor,  Technology & Gadgets, Society & Politics, Business & Economics, Wit & Humor and Weird & Bizarre.

Brought to your attention by Harbinger451.

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The Zeitgeist Coffee House Club Rooms

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Introducing the Zeitgeist Coffee House Club Rooms

Posted by Harbinger451 on November 6, 2011

Zeitgeist Coffee House CategoryHarbinger451’s NEW, Alternative, Contemporary & Avant-garde site that gives you up to date Independent News, Polls, Forum and Chat!

“A progressive culture explores all Possibilities” – Take a Coffee Break & catch up with the latest news stories and cultural phenomena – from numerous reliable and established independent news and information sources based around the world – then vote in the Zeitgeist Coffee House Polls, add to our Lists and Chat with other visitors to this alternative site exploring the cutting edge signs of the time that make up a contemporary global culture.

Check out the Zeitgeist Coffee House Title Page Now. More will be coming very soon!


Copyright © 2011 Harbinger451 – All Rights Reserved

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