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Gaea Parallaxis: Chapter One – ‘Hand of the Hypnogogue’ is published.

Posted by Harbinger451 on February 25, 2014

Gaea Parallaxis CategoryWe are pleased to announce that Hand of the Hypnogogue, Chapter One of Gaea Parallaxis: the chronicles and testaments of Citizen No Name Kane is now published and online for you to read and hopefully enjoy. Gaea Parallaxis is a free serialized techno-gothic sci-fi fantasy-horror-comedy that follows the weird adventures of the amnesiac narrator, known only as No Name Kane, in the strangely familiar and yet alien world to which he has been mysteriously transported. The first chapter can be read HERE. Please feel free to comment on, discuss or debate this chapter by replying to this post.

Hand of the Hypnogogue

Illustration for Gaea Parallaxis Chapter One: Hand of the Hypnogogue.

We’d also like to draw your attention to a new animated gif, that was recently uploaded to some of the Gaea Parallaxis pages, that illustrates No Name Kane’s transportation into the Anti-Verse parallel world. If anyone is interested – the gif is made up of 36 frames and in each frame the falling man figure was rotated anti-clockwise by 10 degrees and the spiral background was rotated clockwise by 10 degrees.

Animated Gif

Into the Anti-Verse

Chapter Two (What’s in a name?) and Appendix 1 (The Common Tongue) will be coming VERY SOON!

Enter the anti-verse that is Gaea Parallaxis


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Gaea Parallaxis: the chronicles and testaments of Citizen No Name Kane

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