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Archive for June, 2013

Harbinger451’s Free For All: Why Pay for something that you can get for Free?

Posted by Harbinger451 on June 29, 2013

Free For All Category“The internet is certainly a many splendid thing – no invention has done more to promote the spread of truth and Knowledge, or more in the championing of Free Speech and a Free Market, or in the democratization of the World and it’s People by the simple application of free thought and the freedom of information … oh – and for the provision of a Sh*t load of FREE STUFF!”

We’d like to introduce you to Harbinger451’s Free For All – the new part of our website that will highlight the best Freebies, Freeware and Open-source software and resources available online – as well as some of the best offers and savings available too.

First of all, the Free For All main page – HERE – will feature a growing list of the Free eBooks provided by Harbinger451’s digital publishing arm – the 451 ePublishing Haus. At the moment you can find out about our first free eBook which will be available for download very soon – The Weird Tales of H. P. Lovecraft – which includes all of Lovecraft’s extant fictional works and much, much more.

Free For All

We’ve also brought together some of the best Free Security Software available for your PC – HERE. Your internet connection opens up the operating system that surrounds it (and ANY data that’s stored within that system or a connected network) to constant nefarious attack and theft. You need security and you need it bad – but please don’t pay for it… there really is no need. There are so many free options out there that will do as good a job as the paid for variety – and in a lot of cases will do it better.

Harbinger451 is dedicated to bringing you alternative ways of saving money – with that in mind – do you pay a monthly subscription for cable or satellite TV? … well don’t – you don’t need to! Get thousands of Free Online TV channels on your computer or device HERE with just a small – one time – payment that’s probably less than one of your existing monthly payments. Check it out and start saving money – no more costly monthly subscription!

Harbinger451’s Free For All will be expanding soon – next we’ll be bringing you Free Utilities Software, including alternative tools and optimizers for your PC! Why Pay for something that you can get for Free?

Brought to your attention by Harbinger451.

Copyright © 2013 Harbinger451 – All Rights Reserved

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Harbinger451 has a new Copyright Notice – please read it!

Posted by Harbinger451 on June 19, 2013

Harbinger451 Updates CategoryYes. that’s right, we have a new copyright notice – you can see it here on the blog (check out the “Copyright Notice” tab above), or click HERE to go to the Harbinger451.co.uk Copyright Notice web-page on the main site, or you can check it out in Harbinger451’s Priory Forum HERE.

The Notice applies to all three of our sites – this blog, the website and the forum – so if you use any of these sites you should read it so you can be sure of what elements of these websites’ content can and cannot be legally used, kept, copied, quoted, edited and republished without written consent from the copyright holder.

We created this copyright notice using an SEQ Legal precedent from Website Law. The legal documents supplied by SEQ Legal include non disclosure agreement precedents.


Copyright © 2013 Harbinger451 – All Rights Reserved

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