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Introducing the Universal Mythos

Posted by Harbinger451 on June 22, 2010

Universal Mythos CategoryThe Universal Mythos explores the universality of myth & religion.

The Mythos is an abstract system of occult symbolism that has been formulated to help compare & contrast the various & disparate religious, magical & mythological traditions formulated by humanity during it’s expansion around this island Earth. It aims to shed light on the perceived esoteric nature of our race’s significance & role within the immediate environment & the wider natural universe.

The Mythos is also an attempt to formulate a coherent moral & spiritual framework where divinity is only relevant as representing aspects or archetypes of humanity & the human psyche; and where religion is only relevant as a mythologized & ritualized construct of human ingenuity applied to the abstracts of good and evil.

Explore the Universal Mythos


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