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The Anti-Verse Tales series of eBooks and Web-fictions by Peter Guy Blacklock

Posted by Harbinger451 on October 24, 2017

451 ePublishing Haus CategoryThe Anti-Verse Tales series of eBooks and Web-fictions by Peter Guy Blacklock

Introducing the Anti-Verse Tales, an ongoing series of short stories, novellas and novels from Peter Guy Blacklock in both eBook and web-fiction formats – set within the Anti-Verse that is Gaea Parallaxis. The Anti-Verse is not another universe, it is simply the flip side of ours, equal and opposite… a dark Alternate World intrinsically bound to ours, mirroring the myths, legends and folklore of our own.

These tales, set in different times and technological periods past, present and future, but firmly within the same universe, will invariably contain extreme themes and situations of a profane, violent, horrific or sexual nature. Expect adult language and situations as well as overt violence and gore! You have been warned.

The Anti-Verse TalesWhat and Where is the Anti-Verse?

There have always been tales – in fable, legend and myth – of other worlds; running side by side with our own, and yet somehow within, beyond or beneath it. Whether we call it the Netherworld, the Underworld, the land of Fairy or the land of the gods – whether it be a place of dreams or a place of nightmares, or even a place of the dead. Ever since humanity has had the capacity to imagine and to wonder, there has been an ‘other’ world – and that otherworld is the Anti-Verse.

Modern science has made great leaps in explaining the observable universe but there is so much that is still beyond our ability to observe. Though we are constantly expanding the limitations of our perception with advances in technology and even, some may argue, with ‘mind altering’ drugs, it is estimated that the matter (in the form of mass & energy) that we can see, or is illuminated, represents only four percent of the universe in which we live. Another twenty-three percent or so, is thought to be composed of what is termed dark-matter. That is, matter that we cannot see – meaning that it is not being made evident by either its own light or by the emitted or reflected light of other, more conventional matter such as stars or galaxies. Generally, it is assumed, the majority of this mysterious dark-matter is locked up within black-holes, dead stars and planets, or is simply present in vast, diffuse clouds of none illuminated dust. Spiral galaxies, like our own Milky Way, are now thought to exist within roughly spherical halos or cloud bubbles of dark-matter particles.

So, what of the other seventy-three percent? I hear you ask. Here, we are forced to consider the even more mysterious dark-energy: the unexplained, and possibly inexplicable, repulsive or inflationary energy (force or quality) of the vacuum of space. Which must exist to explain the apparent acceleration of the rate of expansion of the observable universe and that is somehow counteracting the force of gravity. Its fundamental nature, however, is anyone’s guess! The possibility that dark-energy may involve interactions between the standard three spatial dimensions that we see (the classic x, y & z) and extra spatial dimensions that we don’t, may go some way to account for the strange properties of otherwise empty space.

String theorists have suggested there may be many more dimensions at play in the universe than the standard three of space and one of time, which comprise the four-dimensional space-time continuum in which we, and the observable universe, exist and interact. String Theory relies on the supposition that the basic quanta of sub-atomic particles are not so much a point, as they are envisioned in our space-time continuum, but are in fact line-like strings running through our continuum along an extra dimension we cannot, as yet, perceive.

The related M-Theory follows on from this and postulates that the different properties of quanta are defined by the harmonies of these strings. They vibrate within extra-dimensional planes (or membranes – composed of two extra dimensions) or are even resonating within other multi-dimensional continua (composed of three, four or possibly more extra dimensions). M-Theorists suggest that there may be at least six extra spatial dimensions beyond our mundane three, and therefore numerous planes and continua are potentially operating in conjunction with ours, but about which we may never know more of than their existence by inference.

Since the production of antimatter quanta in particle accelerators, the possibility of an antiverse has been suggested, a universe the exact opposite (sub-atomically at least) of our own. We could never physically travel to such an anti-verse of course, for as soon as an ordinary particle comes into contact with its anti-matter counterpart; they annihilate each other in a burst of energy. Perhaps this anti-verse exists within its own extra-dimensional continuum running parallel, or more accurately parallax, with ours. If we are not able to physically travel there, perhaps a shift in consciousness or perception is all that is needed to experience this other world… in fact, many of us may have already done so. There are numerous unexplained phenomena that may simply be a case of altered states of consciousness or perception that have allowed us glimpses of another, essentially alien but somehow strangely familiar, aspect of our own universe. This ‘otherworld’, and one may assume potentially many others, has always been there – out of sight, but not necessarily out of mind.

Perhaps, hypothetically at least, extra-dimensional gossamer threads link positive quanta at one end to negative quanta at the other. Likewise negative quanta in this world links to positive in that, the polar ends of these invisible strings mirroring each other. By these fundamental bonds of nature the two mirror worlds would be inextricably bound.

So the Anti-Verse is a dark mirror image of our own universe, in many ways very similar to it, manifesting as it does along the same dimension of time as ours – but its three spatial dimensions are not the same as those that form our continuum. It is an otherworld which operates in a continuum that is, in effect, a reflection of our own – opposite and yet beside us, beyond and yet around us, poles apart but less than a hair’s breadth away. Throughout history we have been provided with glimpses of this otherworld; in our myths, legends and folklore, our fantasies, dreams and nightmares – even in our encounters with ghosts, fairy folk, cryptids and other unexplained phenomena… through these, the Anti-Verse has been revealed.

(from the chronicles and testaments of Citizen No Name Kane)

Gaea Parallaxis

Gaea Parallaxis: the chronicles and testaments of Citizen No Name Kane

This serialized techno-gothic sci-fi fantasy-horror-comedy set in the Anti-Verse that is Gaea Parallaxis is probably the best place to start within the Anti-Verse Tales. The chronicles detail the weird adventures of the amnesiac narrator, a 21st century stranger in a strange land, known only as No Name Kane, in the familiar and yet ultimately alien world that he has found himself mysteriously transported to. The testaments detail No Name Kane’s attempts to make sense of and record the peculiarities, cultures and societies of this strange parallel world and wider universe that he has rationalised as the Anti-Verse.
Click HERE to read the ongoing saga of Gaea Parallaxis free online.

Rose Blood Cover

Rose Blood: The Phantasmagoriad Book One

Rose Blood is the first ebook release set within the Anti-Verse and it is the first novel in a trilogy that comprise the Phantasmagoriad. Each of these novels are (and will be) breakneck, erotically charged, Gothic fairytales full of gruesome horrors, dark fantasies, twisted trysts and hard-boiled heroics; peopled with unique characters, many of whom subvert genre norms, and steeped in authentic occult lore. The gripping story presented in Rose Blood, which hooks from the start, unfolds in and around the eldritch environs of an archaic primeval forest that lingers across a huge swathe of the Britannik Isles – a dark Anti-Verse parallel of Britain in the early 1700s. The second novel, Moon Shade, is currently being written and will be released soon.
Click HERE (or read the following blog post) for more information about Rose Blood and where to buy it.

Future Anti-Verse Tales Projects

As well as the continuation of the Phantasmagoriad trilogy of eBooks mentioned above, I will be starting an exclusive ongoing web-fiction work on my Patreon site HERE – for subscribers only – entitled The Parallaxed World. This tale started life as an early (and originally shelved) version of Gaea Parallaxis detailing the spoof 19th century steam-punk adventures of a Victorian London Detective, Harold ‘Harry’ Thurston after he is transported through an eerie maelstrom mid Atlantic into the Anti-Verse.


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