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The Horror of it All: Tagline Teasers!

Posted by Harbinger451 on March 1, 2012

The Horror of it All CategoryIntroducing the Horror of it All‘s first set of 13 tag-line teasers… can you guess which horror movie classics (though some are not so classic if you get my drift) these tag lines came from? Most should be easy for true horror aficionados to get… but not all I hope!

Here are the taglines… enjoy:

1. “In Space no one can hear you scream!”

2. “On ancient ground, at the edge of the world, an evil born in Heaven is about to be unleashed on Earth.”

3. “The picture with the Fear Flasher and the Horror Horn.”

4. “Don’t give away the ending, it’s the only one we have.”

5. “They’re back… they’re hungry… and they’re NOT vegetarian.”

6. “Eight legs, two fangs and an attitude…”

7. “Silent, Invisible, Invincible. He’s coming to town with a few days to kill.”

8. “Keep the children home! And if you’re squeamish, stay with them!”

9. “Conjure up your deepest, darkest fear, then call that fear to life.”

10. “Sleep Kills.”

11. “Beware the beat of the cloth wrapped feet.”

12. “Reality isn’t what it used to be.”

13. “Trapped in time… surrounded by evil… and low on gas.”


Go HERE and scroll down for the answers!

Enter HERE all those who delight in horror, death, the macabre, the occult, black humor, weird tales, dark fantasy – and all such nefarious pleasures.


Copyright © 2012 Harbinger451 – All Rights Reserved

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