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Introducing the Priory

Posted by Harbinger451 on June 12, 2010

The Priory Category The Priory of Universal Truth is simply a fellowship of agnostic know-it-alls out to solve the world, its mysteries and its problems!

The Priory of Universal Truth is not a religion, sect or cult; and has no affiliations with any religious organizations. A secular institution, the Priory is inspired by a monastic model of scholarly research and esoteric exploration in a serene and reverential space. There are no priests or priestesses, simply Brothers and Sisters joined in Fellowship and in search of Universal Truth.

The Priory’s only instruction to its members is to eagerly study, speculate, discuss and disseminate – all with the guiding hands of spirited openness and self-limiting skepticism – in hope of providing a theoretical cosmology set firmly within the realms of possibility & probability while looking for insight into the great Universal Questions of life, the universe and, yes… everything – AND – while looking to expose those Universal Fallacies intended to keep the ignorant ignorant.


This fellowship is also for anyone wishing to discuss any of Harbinger451’s many other projects and for anyone interested in all things alternative… to join the Fellowship of the Priory of Universal Truth simply subscribe to this blog, follow Harbinger451 on Twitter or ‘like’ either Harbinger451’s¬†Facebook Page or The Priory of Universal Truth’s Facebook Page.

Enter the Priory of Universal Truth


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