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Universal Questions: What is Universal Truth?

Posted by Harbinger451 on February 20, 2012

The Priory CategoryBroadly speaking there are two types of Truth. The objective, or Universal Truth and the subjective, or Supposed Truth.

Universal Truth is more than just a mere Fact.

A fact has to be verifiable and evident. A truth does not. A fact IS certainly the truth, but a truth does not necessarily have to be a fact. Most truths are entirely relative and are a matter of opinion.

A Universal (or Absolute) Truth IS a fact – unalterable and permanent.

Universal Truth can be a self evident axiom or it can be a universally accepted consensus of opinion. It must be grounded in reality and be supported by reasoned and justifiable logic. It must always be true. It must apply to all people or things – in all places and at all times.

When considering the veracity of a truth keep this in mind – If there is no doubt, not even a shadow of a doubt, then it probably IS the truth and should be considered a Universal Truth if the consensus of opinion is overwhelming.

Supposed Truth can not be proven, nor dis-proven for that matter, and there may never be a consensus of opinion regarding it.

Some Truths can be very much open to interpretation. Being impossible to prove, many Supposed Truths manifest as Faith in an often religious Belief System. These Truths can only be considered as possible answers to the Universal Questions that intrigue us all. We may still find the answers to some of them but most will remain unknown and unprovable.

When considering a Supposed Truth, you have to ask – is it plausible or implausible? The greater the probability of a Supposed Truth the more likely it is to be True in the Universal sense.

If something doesn’t Make Sense then it is probably NOT the Truth so can only be described as a Supposed one, and a doubtful one at that.

If there is NO Doubt however, not even a Shadow of a Doubt, then it probably IS the Truth and might even be considered a Universal Truth if the consensus of opinion is overwhelming.

The Priory of Universal Truth is drawing up a list of Universal Truths HERE.


Enter the Priory of Universal Truth


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4 Responses to “Universal Questions: What is Universal Truth?”

  1. raburcke said

    If our observing of an event(in physics) changes its outcome, then what exactly is reality? Doubt? I have nothing but doubts!


    • Reality has all ways been a hard one to pin down – even more so than Truth I think – Truth is all ways the same… something either is true or it is not, Reality on the other hand is entirely relative to the beholder. One person’s reality is not the same as another person’s Reality. I don’t think observing changes Reality as such… it just changes the perception of that Reality.


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  3. […] Universal Questions: What is Universal Truth? (harbinger451.wordpress.com) […]


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