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If a hermaphrodite had sex with self could any resulting offspring be considered a clone?

Posted by Harbinger451 on January 22, 2012

Babble CategoryIf a hermaphrodite had sex with them self would any resulting offspring be, first of all – a hermaphrodite too… and secondly – would they be clones?

I’m just curious about this one. And I realize that this is a big IF… I understand the unlikeliness that a so-called hermaphrodite (technically intersexed) human would be able to have sex with themselves – and that they would almost certainly be incapable of  “auto-fertilizing” themselves (as the doctors would put it) for humans who are considered hermaphrodites actually only have “ambiguous genitalia” most commonly due to hormonal imbalances in utero and are not true hermaphrodites.

So – for the sake of argument – lets say we DO indeed have a very rare but true human hermaphrodite who COULD indeed have sex with themselves, and that they DID auto-fertilize and that they DID carry a baby to term successfully.

WOULD that baby also be a hermaphrodite and COULD it be considered a clone?

If any one feels qualified enough to answer this question I will be eternally grateful for an answer!


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3 Responses to “If a hermaphrodite had sex with self could any resulting offspring be considered a clone?”

  1. wendolyn said

    I have no clue but I would love to meet one.


  2. MirandaAE said

    Although your question is 2 years old, I find it interesting because… I know a person who recently aborted a self-fertilized pregnancy. As far as I know, it is an intersexed person who has functional male external genetals but also a functional internal whomb with functional ovaries. From what I understood from her (this person lives as a femaie) fertilization took place through chromosomatic interaction. I don’t know the exact specifics as to how this works but she was examined and found pregnant without having the normal sexual interaction, not having external female genitals.
    She broke off her pregnancy for personal and medical reasons, her live and that of a possible child could be endangoured with the need for a invasive operation.
    There’s very little information about these cases as I assume they are very rare indeed.
    However I doubt very much if indeed a possible child would be a clone. If a clone is considered to have an identical dna-structure, then all identical twins (those born from one ovary) would be clones. This however is not true as they have different fingerprints (http://multiples.about.com/od/funfacts/a/Identical-Twins-And-Dna.htm).
    A bigger problem might be the high probability of birth defect, which is know to be at least 42% with incest cases.
    So I can’t tell the answer and I doubt if anyone can, seeing the very rare number of cases that could fall into the category of self-fertilized preganancies that leed to succefull birth.


  3. MirandaAE said

    Just read an article concerning the posibility of self-fertilization which indeed states the reality of this.
    In the last paragraph it makes note of a real case of birth through self-fertilization.
    I had read a lot about this not being possible, but the real fact of my friend made me think and search for other cases.


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